Children’s Books

I was surprised to find children’s book explaining surrogacy recently and just found quite a few more. I think it is great that these resources are out there! Here is a list of what I have come across so far, I will add any more I find in future:

Many focus on the children of a gestational carrier to help explain that their mum is carrying a baby for another family:

This newest children’s book is authored and illustrated by Sofia Prezani who had her son through a surrogacy arrangement in the UK.

What a fantastic gift to her son!  

The kangaroo Pounch: A story about gestational surrogacy for children. Author Sarah Phillips, Illustrator Lauria A. Faust. Aimed at 2-8 year olds

Why Ii’m So Special: A book about surrogacy. Author
Carla Lewis-Long

Surrogacy Helps Make a Family Grow. Sharon LaMothe

And the Hope And Wil series takes on the perspective of the intended parents:

Hope And Wil have a baby: the gift of surrogacy. Author Irene Celcer, Iillustrator Horatio Gatto Ages 3-7

Children conceived with the help of an egg donor:

Mummy was Your Tummy This Big? Author and Illustrator Carolina Nadel

Pheobe’s Family. A Story about egg donation. Author Linda Stamm. Illustrator Joan Clipp. ages 5-10

One More Giraffe. Author Kim Noble. Illustrator Stephanie Gibson

For children with same-sex parents:

And Tango Makes Three. Author Justin Richardson. Illustrator Peter Parnell. Preschool to grade three. This book looks wonderful, it is based on a true story of two male penguins in a zoo who spend all their time together. When all the other couples were caring for their eggs Roy and Silo find a rock to look after. The zoo keeper gives them an abandoned egg to care for and the two penguins hatch a baby girl penguin and make wonderful fathers. Love it.

Daddy, Papa, and Me. Author Leslea Newman. Illustrator Carol Thomson

Mommy, Mama and Me. Author Leslea Newman. Illustrator Carol Thompson

From what I can find there do not seem to be many children’s books from the intended parent perspective to read to children. A gap in the market! Can anyone else add to this list?

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