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Australian IVF specialists recommend 1 embryo transfer

There has been some debate within the global medical community as to how many embyos should be transferred after IVF. Following recent research findings Australian best policy states that only one embryo should be transferred to ensure positive outcomes for the woman carrying the child through pregnancy as well as the child.

You can read the full article here.

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Amazing Dad’s

Here is the link to a recent Sunrise episode. Two dad’s through surrogacy, with their baby girls, talk about adoption in Australia and why commercial surrogacy overseas has become a more popular option for gay and infertile couples in Australia. Here are some of the key issues from their perspectives in relation to commercial surrogacy:

– inequality toward same sex couples in relation to adoption overseas

– the adoption process in Australia taking many years and rarely resulting in an actual adoption for the majority of applicants.

– co-parenting that can result from altruistic surrogacy arrangements in Australia

– current stigma surrounding commercial surrogacy

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