The future is frozen….

Recent research reported in The Guardian today states that women wanting to conceive in their 40s will have a greater chance of success they use donor eggs from a younger woman or freeze their own eggs in their twenties or thirties to ensure success in their forties. I’m pretty sure this is not the first report suggesting that women should freeze their eggs in their twenties or thirties if they think they may want to conceive in their later thirties or forties. You can read the report here. Perhaps this is the future of reproduction? Women and men freezing their gametes in the twenties, getting on with careers and setting up a home in the thirties and starting a family with their frozen gametes in their forties….. why not? According to Richard Dawkin’s reproducing “later in life” leads to a longer life. Perhaps biotechnologies mastery of reproduction is less dystopian and more utopian – if you want a long life, freeze your gametes…?

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