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Ovary slice on ice!

Wow! This sort of news blows me away. 28 women have had healthy pregnancies after an ovary tissue transplant. you can read about it it here:

and if you would like to purchase the awesome plush ovary in the picture you can buy them here:

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Amazing Dad’s

Here is the link to a recent Sunrise episode. Two dad’s through surrogacy, with their baby girls, talk about adoption in Australia and why commercial surrogacy overseas has become a more popular option for gay and infertile couples in Australia. Here are some of the key issues from their perspectives in relation to commercial surrogacy:

– inequality toward same sex couples in relation to adoption overseas

– the adoption process in Australia taking many years and rarely resulting in an actual adoption for the majority of applicants.

– co-parenting that can result from altruistic surrogacy arrangements in Australia

– current stigma surrounding commercial surrogacy

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