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Indian gestational carrier perspective “creating a new world”

“I have made something so much bigger than anything I could make in the factory” Indrani, Gestational carrier

Dr Sharmila Rudrappa’s recent article in ASA’s journal Contexts is based on interviews with women who previously worked as gestational carriers in Bangalore, India. It is well written and worth the read as Rudrappa has managed to cut through the academic jargon and cover many of the relevant issues in a relatively small space. Every surrogacy/infertility centre in India is different and the background of the women working as surrogates differs from one to the next. My findings, like Rudrappa’s, indicated that surrogate workers were of the working classes and that they were happy to work as surrogates. However, where most of the surrogates I spoke with had different work histories ranging from domestic workers to pharmacy assistants the women in Rudrappa’s study had almost all been working in garment factories. Like Pande, Rudrappa views surrogacy work as an extension of factory work. Unlike the exhausting and dehumanising impact of factory work and “given their employment options and their relative dispossession, they believed that Bangalore’s reproduction industry afforded them greater control over their emotional, financial, and sexual lives. In comparison to garment work, surrogacy was easy”(Rudrappa, Sociologist).

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Surrogate and parent perspectives

This is a nice article presenting both the gestational carrier and the intended parents versions of the births of two children and the relationship between the three adults. It is interesting that the gestational carrier is compensated for her gift of carrying a pregnancy and giving birth for a couple with compensation of her wages and expenses, although it is not commercial surrogacy money is exchanged but it is a less formal transaction. It is also a good example of a surrogacy relationship in which a contract is not needed – the genetic parents do not bring up the idea of the contract or custody but I wonder what they would say about these areas in their decision making prior to starting the surrogacy process, was custody a concern?

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