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Cycling overseas

I have just finished reading a fantastic article, Cycling Overseas, a recently published journal article by anthropologist Andrea Whittaker and Amy Speier . It is based on research in Thailand, the USA and the Czech republic with a focus on ARTs and medical tourism. It is an interesting read and I would say it fits into a feminist framework. The main point I wanted to raise was to do with the authors discussion of work in commercial surrogacy in India. Whittaker and Speier found that foreigner IPs were discouraged from meeting with the gestational surrogate who would carry their child. So far I have found that although many of the IPs (particularly IMs) I have spoken with, who have used commercial surrogacy in India, had the opposite experience and were encouraged to meet the woman who would act as a gestational surrogate, quite a few either did not want to meet their surrogate or were discouraged from meeting her. It would be great to hear from the parents and intended parents who have experience of commercial surrogacy in India, what are you experiences?

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