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A worst case scenario in altruistic surrogacy arrangments

There are not many cases of surrogacy arrangements going wrong for the IPs, but when an arrangement does go wrong popular mainstream media tends to shine a light on it. There are, broadly speaking, three ways an altruistic surrogacy arrangement can go wrong: the surrogate wanting to keep the baby, the surrogate holding the intending parents to ransom for example threatening to abort or keep the child if the intended parents do not pay more and the last case is when a surrogate arrangement is fraudulent. This latter scenario has recently been reported in the British news. A couple from North Yorkshire who had been trying to have children for years, and turned to surrogacy as their last option. The couples found a surrogate who appeared to have a proven track record and asked the couples for 2000 GBP to cover her travel and legal fees. The surrogate’s intentions and her track record were fraudulent. The couple took the surrogate to court and won. According to the article in the in the Daily Mail, after hearing that the accused woman had suffered mental illness after loosing her 4 month old child to cot death she was spared a prison sentence.

It is always sad to come across cases such as these where vulnerable people are taken advantage of, but it is important to emphasize that these cases are rare.

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