Inside a maternity ward in Delhi

Lynsey Addario’s article in the Washington Post offers some insight into the average Indian woman’s experience of giving birth in a public hospital. The pictures would be shocking to most westerners, the ward is clearly old and under-maintained and does not appear to be all that clean. There are some really modern technologically advanced hospitals here in Delhi but the average family would not be able to afford care in such an environment. The lack of  private space to give birth Addario’s pictures reveal contrasts with western expectations of the birth experience. It would be interesting to hear more from the women in these pictures about their experience, and their expectations. It would have been enough to just hear the stories of these women along side the pictures, I find the framing of the story unfair, going into a busy delivery ward in a third world country to write a story about the world being overpopulated… I think these women have enough to bear without holding the responsibility for overpopulation on their shoulders. If anyone is interested in reading some really informed analysis on over population, the related policy and it’s impact on poor women, take a look at Mohan Rao’s work. And just to be clear, I’m not saying Addario is uninformed, I’m just a little tired of the linking of impoverished women and overpopulation.


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