Mala Aai Vhhaychy

This film looks really interesting. It seems to be about an Indian lady who works as a commercial surrogate and then chooses to keep the child. It explores the rights of the surrogate mother over the child it seems. This theme was one of the more interesting themes raised at the recent conference on surrogacy in Gujurat. The idea of the contract, breaking the contract and the place and rights of the surrogate mother in relation to the child. From what I gather this film is only available in Murathi, I will post more info. when I find it. I have spoken with some women who who have worked as gestational surrogates in India and have not come across any who would be interested in keeping the child they carry. It is interesting that there is possibly a difference between the actual issues and the perceived issues. But again, I have not seen the film yet so I will post more when I have.


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