Norway confused about parentage

According to a report in The Foreigner Norway does not yet have clear guidelines when in comes to surrogacy arrangements. On the one hand it is not surprising seeing as many western countries are only just beginning to clarify where they stand in surrogacy arrangements on the other it is strange to have such conflicting advice coming from the same bureaucratic organisation. A Norweign couple chose to use a gestational surrogate in the US after carefully researching the procedures in Norway and taking advice from the NAV (labour and welfare organisation). The couple went ahead with the surrogacy arrangement and had twins. When registering the children upon returning to Norway the couple were told that according to the state the children were considered to be the children of the surrogate, rather then the genetic parents. The genetic parents have been told that they must adopt their children, a long and drawn our process.

It seems that logic and reason fail once again where the state is drawing on laws that do not relate to the current situation. It seems that Australia is not the only country in need of more research into surrogacy in relation to families and law.


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