Upcoming surrogacy conference at Gujurat National Law University

The Gujurat National Law University is organizing a ‘National Conference on Surrogacy: Issues and Challenges’. The conference was originally scheduled for the 17th of September but has been moved to the 9th of October.

The conference aims at:

“Recognising the need to discuss various issues clouding the concept of surrogacy which is a contemporary practice, especially in India, the conference hopes to address the issues and challenges surrounding Surrogacy. The Conference will see the convergence of Medical and Legal scholars and will provide a platform to all stakeholders to deliberate the issues in a comprehensive manner, stated a press release.”

You can have a look at the details here.

This will be an interesting conference in light of the upcoming ARTS bill here in India. More discussion and research is needed and I am very excited about attending. I will post afterwards and let you all know how it went and some of the main issues discussed.

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